Why Paste?

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Over the years, we have been approached countless times by customers asking why our product is only available as a paste, and why we don’t offer it as a liquid or spray. The answer is not because it’s impossible, but because it would harm both the effectiveness of our product and the environment. Paste is most effective and most environmentally-safe for the following reasons:

  • Avoiding aerosols and thinning agents helps us stay green
  • Paste allows for spot cleaning, while sprays and liquids are difficult to use in a very specific area
  • Paste allows for us to include an  abrasive in the mixture, giving you greater cleaning power with less work (this is what makes us such an effective alternative to the sprays that are popular on the market today)
  • Paste is the most concentrated possible form, giving you more cleaning power for your money and per ounce of cleaning product.
  • Paste can be applied to surfaces such as ceilings and over-vertical walls without running, making cleaning significantly easier and safer.